The Seminars with GM Pap Gyula





1. How to Build an Opening Repertoire?

2. How to Evaluate a Position? 

3. Essential Aspects of the Dynamic Positions

4. Important Aspects of the Static Positions

5. The Manoeuvring as a Tool of Improving position


6. The Significance of Prophylaxis

7. Restriction as an Essential Tool 

8. Exchanges: When and How?

9. Heavy Piece Endgame 

10. Positional Sacrifices: Relative Value of the Pieces in Different Types of Position


11. Bishop vs Knight

12. Opposite-coloured Bishops

13. Rook vs Minor pieces

14. Material Imbalances

15. Principles of the Attack


16. The Strategy of Defense

17. Simplification as a Converting or Defending Tool

18. Pawn Structures

19. Isolated Pawn & Rook Endgames

20. Practical Endgames

GM Gyula Pap

Angelika Valkova






15 €/seminar

250€ for all 20 seminars